Your Challenges are Your Gold

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As a precursor... I believe that at the seat of despair, resentments, blame, anger, unwanted compulsions, and separation is a part of us that has not felt with permission to Be with a capital B.  To Be fully expressed.  To feel Safe within our skin and body and environment.  The complex systems through which we experience our world.  

LooksGoodOnYouinc is an eco-conscious, socially conscious, conversation apparel brand.  Gender-political in nature and with a grassroots mission to ignite inclusive, open-minded and open-hearted conversations in the cyber and physical worlds.  Conversations around experiences and ideas that so often keep us feeling separate and in the dark about the other's experience in their life and circumstances.

With our affirmation based, hashtag-able visuals (#____LooksGoodOnYou) we aim to empower you, the wearer, as conversations are sparked, as well as to empower those you come in to contact with.  

Share your conversations with others and with @LooksGoodOnYouInc on Instagram, with hashtags #feminismlooksgoodonyou #keeptheconversationgoing ...new designs and slogans soon.