Your Challenges are Your Gold

I’m gonna get real with you here.  Even though it may seem like what I’m about to say is just another “head in the hippy dippy clouds” kind of statement…


But...here it is.  The controversial-gonna-bring-up-a-lot-of-"nopes"-in-your-head TRUTH of all truths I know deep in my bones...


Your Timing & Your Age…Your Skin, Gender, & Body…Your Conditions and Circumstances…are PERFECT and Parcel to your Success, & Grandest Self-Expression in this world.  And the key to your health.


Trust this.


And trust specifically that the cues your body is giving you are specific to you and guiding you towards the unleashing of your greatest gifts, and your divine embodiment.  

I work with my clients with this core belief in mind.  I believe that WE are divine.  And I believe that we, as humans, are quite fearful of this divinity.   And that our symptoms of bodily, emotional, and soul discomfort are there to let us know when we are quelling this light in us, urging us to trust and remember we are never alone.  I believe that the tingling inspired moments that make us laugh and cry in gratitude, as rare as they may be, are our knowing that we have a large part to play in this world… a part made just for us... if we could only allow ourselves... this pleasure.

While I can say that I have experienced healing in all these areas...binge eating {dis-ordered eating} through my teens and 20s, candida of the intestinal track, skin trauma, surgical trauma (which carries emotional as well as physical residue when left un-nurtured), auto immune issues, missing periods, fatigue, seemingly unaccountable weight fluctuation, depression, body shame, food allergies, etc and a little more etc... that healing for me, in all its glory, has been in the loving of every bit of who I am.  Welcoming all my parts to my ceremonial life table.  And approaching all my symptoms with loving curiosity, and gratitude.  

With that said.  The way I work as a coach is by taking your whole story into account.  Delving in deep, whilst prioritizing pleasure and lightness with just as much ferocity.  Uncovering the stories beneath your wounds and symptoms and listening to them for their gold.  Making space for the ebbing and flowing of grieving and growing, whilst never settling in victimhood.  We work intuitively at a pace right for you and treat healing as an every day practice.

We are born in to individual bodies/vessels that we wake up with daily, that can create a pretty real feeling that we are "separate" {separate from others, separate from our dreams, separate from love out there, separate from peace}, unless we check it and check in daily.  

I welcome all who feel called to work with me.  I aim to be inclusive and accessible for men as much as women.  I believe men need cultural support around speaking of the complexities of their lives, and the experiences they have of their world within their bodies.  

Wishing you wonders today and always.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.